With 30 years of
production experience

The founder has been in the Industry for nearly 30 years of rich production experience and also well-known in the industry.  He feels that the industry has declined due to the vicious competition with each other.  While pursuing the "price", the "value" has disappeared, under this vicious circumstance it’s hard not to fail.

The establishment of Xiang Sheng Feather Co., Ltd. has set an industry standard and created an admirable “down craft”.  With 30 years of production experience, it has introduced more technological processes; upgrade the industrial transformation to create a new pattern for the Industry.
Far-Infrared down technology
We have established the foundation of emerging technologies based on the quality of raw materials, retained traditional processes and combined new technologies, and developed "Far Infrared Down", which meets far infrared standards through the US IDFL and Taiwan TTRI.
Multi-national patents
We had obtained Far-Infrared Down Patent Certificate in Republic of China ,Taiwan and Japan

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