For the far-infrared down, we have done a number of  tests with the laboratory.

(The far-infrared emissivity needs to reach 0.8 to produce benefits for the human body.The saturation value is 1.)


Far-infrared emissivity test

Far-infrared down emission rate is as high as 0.921. 

Temperature difference test

Compared with normal down, the far-infrared down rises higher than 1.72 °C.

Blood Flow Test

wearing a far-infrared down vest, blood flow (PU): +15.6%,Blood flow is 11.1% higher wearing far-infrared down than normal down.

Wash test

The far-infrared still keep effect after washing 10 times. 

Multinational standards

Far infrared standards through the US IDFL,Taiwan TTRI and China GTT

Intertek Physical safety examine

Extensively tested for customer comfort and satisfaction.


The far-infrared down base on high quality material Test report.
Cluster 95.4(JIS),turbidity 1000+,Fill power 720+


We had obtained Far-Infrared Down Patent Certificate in Republic of China ,Taiwan and Japan.