Down feathers are natural warming materials taken from geese or ducks. Soft and fluffy, down feathers can trap warm air, maintain a constant temperature and keep warm.

Down and feathers have different structures. A down cluster has a quill point and looks like a dandelion. Taken from the neck, abdomen and wing sockets of a duck or goose, down is only 8% and the finest of the plumage. Down is soft and fluffy, more effective to trap air and keep warm, thus it costs higher than feathers. The larger the down clusters, the better the elasticity, and the higher the prices. 

Key factors that affect the sizes of down clusters are: the environment where ducks and geese grow, seasons, temperatures, and growth cycles. Feathers look like leaves and vary in length, bouncy and have better resistance to pressure.

Natural down features fluffiness, moisture absorption, temperature regulation, lightweight, breathable, super elasticity, excellent warmth, easy storage, etc., and the warm material that is irreplaceable.

We sell down feathers to Europe, America, Asia, and provide customized services.