Follow The Heart & Pursue Sustainable Development
The founder has nearly 30 years of rich experience and is quite well-known in the down industry. His eldest son has seen the hard work of his parents from his childhood and always wants to help even if it is dirty and smelly; he enjoys his work quite a lot. As he grew up, he deeply realized that his parents work so hard, not only for money but also for good quality and gaining trust of customers.

A Benchmark for The Down Industry
Price competition is the worst problem of the declining industry. Sacrificing quality for low costs undermines the values and eventually the industry is falling like the setting sun.

The founding of Xiang Sheng Feather Co., Ltd. has set a benchmark and developed the new technology for the down industry. With 30 years of experience in the field and the introduction of scientific, technology-based production, we have contributed to transformation, upgrading, and starting a new era in the industry.

Perfect Balance Between Technology, Quality and Humanity
In addition to high-end products, we meet various needs of customers, such as: far infrared down, highly elastic down and water-repellent down, etc. Our products are green and environment-friendly. All animals are treated humanely, and we have zero-tolerance for force-feeding or live-plucking.

All our products have undergone rigorous testing by the high production standards of Xiang Sheng technology, thus enjoy high reputation at home and abroad. We insist on quality and pursue sustainable value.
Our excellent quality control team, good working environment, professional machinery and equipment.